Kompresory a servis vzduchotechniky


Society Canny industry with.R.about. offers technical consultancy plus full solving at supplies whole compressor stations. Society was based on the grounds old experience how at locking corrections plus regular sets so and at supplies compressor stations.

Ours main operation is set plus corrections compressors of all marks, do corrections absorbing (condensing) plus adsorbent dryers, interlock regular revision compressive vessels. Ours offer includes full solving from production (compressors) adjustment (filtration powdered elements plus residual oil) plus supply (compressive vessel, air distribution systems), further then collection plus subsequent alteration liquidation condensation (automatic recall diverter condensation, separator- separators oil- water) after as much as regular service mission, examination plus check - ups.

  • solving draw-off mehanism hot air- air conditioning
  • administration high - quality plus fast service mission
  • offer technical advice in the area compressed air
  • maintenance service nonstop 24 o'clock
  • ensure, supply and fix air conditioning arrangement
  • air conditioning plus technical advice
  • heat recovery
  • easy installation plus minimum retained